Today's consumer is constantly looking for sustainable, healthy products, with excellent origins and raw materials: that's why Ora Pizza is committed to satisfying customers' requests and has added numerous Gluten Free and Organic product alternatives to its range.

Once prepared, the dough is left to rise naturally; then it is hand stretched by highly qualified personnel, master pizza makers who work every day to ensure freshness and softness to the product. The production plant has the latest generation and high performance ovens. The products undergo a reduction in temperature, so as to guarantee the organoleptic characteristics of the freshly baked product; later, everything is packaged in MAP and distributed both fresh (+ 4 °C) and frozen (-20 °C).
Organic range is linked to a story, to a territory and its strength is not in the turnover but in the change that it has given to lifestyles, having shown that there's an alternative way to production: more healthy and equally good! All Ora Pizza products, both fresh (+ 4 °C) and frozen (-20 °C), are available in the organic version, rigorously without added preservatives.

Gluten-free range provides consumers with the security of a 100% gluten-free food, without any risk of contamination, with the goodness of a genuine but tasty product and the quality of the raw materials used and hand-stretched.

The pizza base stands out among these gluten-free and flavor-rich products: prepared with natural ingredients, soft and crunchy, it is able to satisfy even the most demanding palates, thus eliminating the distances between necessity and pleasure. The gluten free assortment includes a 30 cm pizza base and a 13 cm puccia, classic focaccia and tomato little focaccias, soft bread and sandwiches, all available both fresh (+ 4 °C) and frozen (-20 °C). Besides there are also portable snacks at room temperature: breadsticks, natural taralIi, also available in two different flavors, pizza and fennel, and classic and wholewheat rusks.

The right compromise between lightness and taste, crispness and digestability A mixture of cereals that gives to the product a rustic flavor and a more decided colour. A guarantee for the consumer who knows to bring a safe and "sincere" product of the earth to the table.