It is time for tastiness, quality and attention in choosing the best products to offer on the tables of our attentive customers.
It's Ora Pizza, it's time to eat well!


Here the new brand "ora pizza" is born, which collects the best of the flavors and aromas of the murgian territory. Pizza bases and typical apu/ian products such as puccia, focaccia, panzerotto and ciabatta are the protagonists of ora pizza assortment. These delicacies are characterized by the hand stretching, the high hydration and the use of the best raw materials like durum wheat semolina and extra virgin olive oil. Another flagship for the company is the meticulous attention paid to packaging in map, in order to always guarantee freshness and a high wholesomeness of the product. The result is a light and fragrant product, whose fast preparation adapts to the increasingly frenetic lifestyle of the modern consumers who, however, do not want to give up a genuine and fresh meal, that can be filled in a lot of different ways and enjoyed whenever they wants. A perfect mix of craftsmanship, innovation, simplicity, taste and versatility. A bite of quick and easy goodness!

Ora pizza - eat's time was born from the important experience in the food sector of the altamura company "am/co m to•: headed by the businessman erasmo digeo. A thriving breeder of certified cattle breeding that has been producing fresh milk, cured meats and dairy products since 7950, sold to a large clientele in italy and worldwide. The continuous search for the healthy and the good opens up new horizons for the company in the production of innovative and high quality bakery products, thanks to the supply of raw materials from the alta murgia, specifically altamura, a landscape and cultural jewel of the bari hinterland that awarded the dop recognition for bread.


At the BASE of your
every wish

Remilled durum wheat semolina
Spread by hand
Daily production of the dough
Extra virgin olive oil



A bite of quick andeaSy goodness!

Classic Line

Hand stretched by highly qualified personnel, master pizza makers who work every day to ensure freshness and softness to the product.

100% Bio line

Organic range is linked to a story, to a territory and its strength is not in the turnover but in the change that it has given to lifestyles, having shown that there's an alternative way to production: more healthy and equally good!

Gluten Free Line

Gluten-free range provides consumers with the security of a 100% gluten-free food, without any risk of contamination, with the goodness of a genuine but tasty product and the quality of the raw materials used and hand-stretched.

Multigrain Line

The right compromise between lightness and taste, crispness and digestability A mixture of cereals that gives to the product a rustic flavor and a more decided colour. A guarantee for the consumer who knows to bring a safe and "sincere" product of the earth to the table.

Processing and Conservation

The production plant has the latest generation and high performance ovens.
The products undergo a reduction in temperature, so as to guarantee the organoleptic characteristics of the freshly baked product; later, everything is packaged in MAP and distributed both fresh (+ 4 °C) and frozen (-20 °C).


Tutto Food 2019

We will be present at the next edition of Tutto Food that will be held in Milan from 6 to 9 May 2019.
We are waiting for you at Pad 3 - Stand B08/B10.